Leaked Galaxy Note 8 photos show dual cameras and rear fingerprint sensor

Note 8 is due to be unveiled later this month on August 23rd, but these leaks give us a good idea of what Samsung will be offering. The phone has the same edge-to-edge Infinity Display that made the Galaxy S8 such a head-turner, with the bezels looking, if anything, even slimmer. We can also see that Samsung is retaining the S8’s dedicated Bixby Button, positioned on the right edge of the device, and, on the rear, we have a dual-camera system with dual flash.

Unfortunately, this leaked image also shows a fingerprint sensor in much the same place as the Galaxy S8’s — on the rear of the phone, to the side of the camera. This positioning, up high and off-center, was criticized by reviewers, who found it hard to reach, and said it led to users accidentally smudging their own camera lenses. However, it seems the alternative (placing the sensor underneath the glass at the front of the phone) is not yet ready for full-scale manufacturing.

Samsung, of course, needs the Note 8 to dispel the lingering sense of unease left by the stupendous failure of its predecessor, the Note 7. We’ll find out more about what the new Note has to offer later this month.

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