Apple sold 6 million iPhone X units during Black Friday weekend, expensive 256 GB model popular choice

Black Friday is all about things going at crazy discounts and almost anything available on sale. Apple appears to have managed the sales frenzy pretty well. According to analysts at Rosenblatt, Apple has managed to secure around 6 million iPhone X sales over the Black Friday promotion period. Overall, the company managed to sell 15 million iPhone (all models) units.

Analysts also believe that the 256GB iPhone X remained the popular choice among the buyers. The reports specifically said that the 256GB cariant of iPhone X remained twice as popular as the base 64GB model which is a positive sign for Apple.

It is worth noting that Apple sells 64GB iPhone X for $999 while the 128GB variant that is functionally equivalent other than an additional 192GB storage goes for an additional $150. So, the 256GB iPhone X variant has higher revenue and profit margins than the base 64GB model.

The analysts expect Apple to ship around 30 million iPhone units during this holidays quarter. Apple’s own earning guidance suggests that company will sell more than 80 million iPhone units in the period setting a new record for the units sold and the revenue earned.

The report also suggests that Apple is currently at a production scale of 3 million units in a week. However, it may rise to 4 million units produced in a week by December. While the shipping times have improved on for the iPhone X, the Rosenblatt remains confident that the demand for the device is strong. The trusted analyst Ming-Chi Kuo also made a similar comment last week.

Another report suggested that AirPods and iPads remained the top choice of shoppers during this Black Friday sales frenzy.

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