iOS 12 GM Download Released for iPhone and iPad

Apple has put iOS 12 through a record 12 beta releases, and now the company has finally released iOS 12 Golden Master (GM) version to the developers and public beta testers. Golden Master is the final version of iOS 12 that will be available to download from Apple’s Developer Center.

Just like any other major annual operating system update for iPhone and iPad, iOS 12 is packed with tons of new features, performance improvements, and much more. Some of the new features of iOS 12 include Memoji, Screen Time, Siri Shortcuts, and more. The purpose of a GM release is to allows developers to submit their iOS 12 compatible apps to the App Store for review.

iOS 12 compatibility includes all those devices that were capable of running iOS 11. These devices include iPhone 5s or newer, iPad Air or newer, iPad mini 2 or newer, iPad Pro or newer model, and iPod Touch 6G.

Below is a quick rundown of the major new features of iOS 12.

iOS 12 will feel faster on older devices: After tweaking the CPU performance burst, the company has managed to provide the right amount of CPU power at the right time on older devices.

Grouped Notifications:  The company has introduced something that we have wanted for a long time: grouped notifications! You can choose to never show a notification on your lock screen or turn it off entirely. Even Siri will suggest you turn off notifications for the apps that you don’t even use.

Do Not Disturb During Bedtime: Apple has added some new features in iOS 12 that aim at helping you curb your smartphone usage. “Do Not Disturb During Bedtime” is one such feature which stops showing you the notifications when you are trying to sleep at night.

Screen Time: The Screen Time feature of iOS 12 will gives you summary every week showing you how you used your iPhone over the week.

App Limits and Downtime: If you want to use an app less, iOS 12 offers app limits functionality. You can set how long you can use an app such as Facebook and iOS 12 will tell you as you’ve started to reach that set limit.

New and Improved Animoji: iOS 12 new features also include a set of new Animoji characters. Apple has added four new Animoji characters in iOS 12: Ghost, Koala, Tiger, and Trex.

Memoji: Apple has introduced Bitmoji like feature called Memoji in iOS 12. The Memoji is basically a 3D version of you that can mimic your moves and expressions.

FaceTime Group Calling: iOS features a huge upgrade for the FaceTime. Group calling feature comes to FaceTime with iOS 12. It allows you to add up to 32 people into a single FaceTime video call.

Siri Shortcuts: New features of iOS 12 also include a new “Shortcuts” app. Using this app, users can pre-define Siri queries and use them to automatically launch apps. For instance, you can say, “Help me relax,” and Siri can start playing music and dim the lights.

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