Download iOS 12 IPSW for iPhone and iPad

iOS 12 download is available now. Apple has released the final version of iOS 12 for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. iOS 12 is a major mobile operating system update for all the compatible iOS devices. Here we have direct links to download iOS 12 IPSW files for free for compatible iOS devices. Hit the jump for more.

Since iOS 12 update is a major software update for Apple’s mobile devices, it is meant to bring a gigantic list of new features, performance improvements, stability and much more. That’s exactly what iOS 12 update brings to iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. Some of the prominent new features in iOS 12 includes grouped notifications, Do Not Disturb during BedTime, New Animojis, Screen Time, and much more. We also have a detailed rundown of the iOS 12 new feature.

Jailbreakers should avoid iOS 12

If you are into jailbreaking, you should avoid updating your device to iOS 12 as it will break your jailbreak or you may lose your chances of jailbreaking your devices in the future. If you do not care about the jailbreak, you can upgrade to iOS 12 whenever you want.

iOS 12 Supported Devices

The compatibility list of iOS 12 devices includes all the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch devices capable of running iOS 11. Here is a table of iOS 12 compatible devices:

iOS 12 iPhone Compatibility iOS 12 Supported iPads iOS 12 iPod Compatibility
iPhone XS 12.9-inch iPad Pro 2nd Gen iPod touch 6g
iPhone XS Max 12.9-inch iPad Pro 1st Gen
iPhone XR 10.5-inch iPad Pro
iPhone X 9.7-inch iPad Pro
iPhone 8 Plus 9.6-inch iPad
iPhone 8 iPad Air 2
iPhone 7 Plus iPad Air
iPhone 7 iPad 5
iPhone 6s Plus iPad mini 4
iPhone 6 iPad mini 3
iPhone 6 Plus iPad mini 2
iPhone 6
iPhone SE
iPhone 5s

How to Install iOS 12

You can install iOS 12 as an Over-the-Air Update by going to Settings > General > Software Update on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. Since iOS 12 is a major software update, so we highly recommend you to back up your iOS device and clean install iOS 12 on it. To clean install iOS on your device, you need iOS 12 IPSW files which are posted below.

Download iOS 12 Update

Here we have official links from Apple servers to download iOS 12 update for your iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. These are iOS 12 IPSW firmware files and you can install them using iTunes.

Download iOS 12 for iPhone

Download iOS 12 for iPad

iOS 12 for iPad Air: iPad_64bit_12.0_16A366_Restore.ipsw
iOS 12 for iPad Mini 2: iPad_64bit_12.0_16A366_Restore.ipsw
iOS 12 for iPad Mini 3: iPad_64bit_TouchID_12.0_16A366_Restore.ipsw
iOS 12 for iPad Air 2: iPad_64bit_TouchID_12.0_16A366_Restore.ipsw
iOS 12 for iPad Mini 4: iPad_64bit_TouchID_12.0_16A366_Restore.ipsw
iOS 12 for iPad Pro: iPadPro_12.9_12.0_16A366_Restore.ipsw
iOS 12 for iPad Pro 9.7: iPadPro_9.7_12.0_16A366_Restore.ipsw
iOS 12 for iPad 5: iPad_64bit_TouchID_ASTC_12.0_16A366_Restore.ipsw
iOS 12 for iPad Pro 12.9 2nd Gen: iPad_Pro_HFR_12.0_16A366_Restore.ipsw
iOS 12 for iPad Pro 10.5: iPad_Pro_HFR_12.0_16A366_Restore.ipsw
iOS 12 for iPad 6: iPad_64bit_TouchID_ASTC_12.0_16A366_Restore.ipsw

Download iOS 12 for iPod Touch

iOS 12 foriPod Touch 6G: iPodtouch_12.0_16A366_Restore.ipsw

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