iOS 12 is Already Installed on 50% of iPhone, iPad, and iPod Devices

Back in September, Apple released the final version of iOS 12 – a major mobile operating system update. In less than a month since its release, the iOS 12 software update is already running on more than half of the iOS devices around the globe.

Through a developer support page, Apple announces that as of October first, its latest mobile operating system, the iOS 12, has already hit a major milestone. According to the fruit company, more than 50% of all the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch devices in the wild are running Apple’s latest mobile operating system.

The piechart shared by the company clearly shows that last year’s major iOS update i.e iOS 11 is running on 37% of the devices, while the 11% of iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch units out in the wild are running an older version of iOS. In a separates chart, the company depicts that the percentage of all the devices released over the last four years that have updated to iOS 12 is sitting at 53%. Which mean 40% of these devices are running iOS 11 and only7% are running an older version of iOS.

Just 48 hours after the launch of iOS 12, it was reported that 10% of the iOS devices out in the wild have already installed iOS 12. The adoption rate at that time seemed a bit slower than expected, however, in just 3 weeks that number has already crossed the half of the active iOS devices.

After iOS 12, Apple has pushed a minor iOS 12.0.1 software update and also testing iOS 12.1 which is currently in beta testing phase. Have you installed iOS 12 on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch?

via [Apple]

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