iPhone 7 Displays a Virtual Home button When the Capacitive Home Button Starts Malfunctioning

iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are the first Apple smartphones to get a capacitive home button, unlike any previous generation devices which came with a physical button that could be pressed with fingers. The new capacitive home button is paired with Apple’s TapTic Engine to provide haptic feedback whenever it is touched. Since the home button has become a vital component of iPhone 7, it can become frustrating for users if it starts malfunctioning for any reason.

Apple was aware of the importance of home button before hand and did not forget to include a solution in iOS 10. In iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, when iOS 10 detects that the home button is malfunctioning, it provides you with an alternate solution. A message pops up on the screen of the device with a malfunctioning home button saying ‘The Home Button May Need Service’ along with an alternate virtual home button. The User can use that virtual home button as an alternate solution until he/she gets the home button repaired.

The pop-up was first reported by a MacRumors forum member, who encountered it after restarting his iPhone 7 due to he experienced trouble with the home button and the TapTic Engine’s feedback. He put the device on-charge, and it restarted itself.

So plugged in my iPhone 7 to charge and it turned itself off. When i powered it back up this appeared on screen. Really Apple?

Unlike previous iPhone models that came with a physical home button, the Home button on the iPhone 7 does not work when the device is off due to its capacitive nature. This is why Apple had to change the way to hard rest the iPhone 7.

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