LG’s G6 smartphone is coming February 26th

The G6 will feature a large 5.7-inch display with an unusual aspect ratio of 2:1 and an emphasis on minimal bezels. The new phone’s screen-to-bezel ratio is greater than 90 percent, and though its bottom isn’t shown in the image, it’s only slightly taller than the top bezel (below). Xiaomi’s Mi Mix is the closest competitor to LG’s new handset in this quest to make an all-screen phone, though there’s also a tantalizing leak of a purported Samsung Galaxy S8 screen cover that makes it seem like Samsung’s going down a similar path as well. Like the Mi Mix and the rumored S8, the G6 has curved display corners.

Having abandoned the modular design of last year’s G5, LG looks set to prioritize design this year, with our source indicating that the G6 will be made entirely out of glass and metal — a final and conclusive departure from the unpleasant plastic that characterized the company’s previous flagship devices. The G6 will have a headphone jack and is expected to be waterproof as well. Its battery, however, will no longer be replaceable.

Not everything from the G5 has been discarded in LG’s 2017 update. The rear design of the phone, including the dual-camera system and center-mounted fingerprint sensor, is expected to make a return in the G6.

LG is in a precarious position in the smartphone market today, having failed to turn a meaningful profit from its mobile business for years and suffering the setback of last year’s ill-fated modular experiment. The G6 is thus an even more critical device than the usual, desperate-for-differentiation Android smartphone.

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