29 of the new emoji Apple is about to put on your iPhone

Back in March, we featured all 137 new emoji. Here are 29 that Apple designed that will appear in their devices –


Mermaid, Wizard, Fairy and Vampire

Fresh out the shower

Rock Climb, Curling, Sled and Shower


The cutest of them all: Hedgehog!

Creepiest emoji to date

Bad Mouth, Monocle, Silly and (the intensely creepy) Shhh

On a side note, these four emojis really seem like they could be a super villain troupe. Emoji Movie 2?

Old blue



Love-You Gesture, based on the American Sign Language “I love you” hand sign

Shopping spree

Trench Coat, Gloves, Hat and Scarf

Don’t forget your broccoli

Pie, Broccoli, Take Out and Dim Sum

A bit of a stretch


Rickety cricket



Genderless Character options 1-3 and Orange Heart

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